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2012 -2016 Executives

Val Anene

Mr Val Anene is from Ogwuma village and has previously served the Association as the Assistant Secretary and Secretary respectively.

Val has a BSc in Economics from Donetsk State University; a BSc in Information Technology and Business Information Systems from Middlesex University and an MSc in Information Systems Management from Brunel University, London.

Val has over 12 years IT experience spanning different industries, and has worked for Sun Microsystems, Chevron Texaco, Centrica, Teledyne Controls, LGC, amongst others. He is also the director and Principal Consultant for BNIT Solutions, an IT solutions provider.

Val is family oriented and very passionate about his family and Oguta in general. He believes that we are all one and are stronger together.

He is happily married with 2 children.

Val speaks Russian and has an interest in languages in general.

Ojukwu Okwuosa
Vice President

Mr Ojukwu Okwuosa was born in Enugu.OJ is from Umutogwuma village.He has a wonderful partner and a lovely baby girl.OJ is a Renewable Energy consultant with entrepreneurial spirit

He is interested in humanity and what we can achieve as a group.

OJ is passionate about family and enjoying those precious moments.

He plays a bit of sport when he can.

Mrs. Ntianu Uzonwanne








Ntianu is from Obutu village

Ifeoma Uzonwanne

Ifeoma is from Obutu village

Financial Secretary


Social Secretary