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Originally, the people of Oguta (pronounced Ugwuta) belonged to the Ancient Kingdom of Benin before they started to migrate. That was around the 16th Century. The migration became inevitable following the series of wars in which the Benin Kingdom was engaged for the purpose of extending their Kingdom and wielding greater economic and political power. Furthermore, the ironhanded reign of Oba Ewuare the Great and his successor, Oba Esigie, precipitated the migration, which affected many other peoples. Including Onitsha Ado and Ase.

During their migration, the people of Oguta sojourned in various place s like Ilah, Inyi, Igara asnd Ogbanyi Iberu, popularly known today as Obodo Akpuruekwe in Ubi Oshimiri.

Evidence of Oguta’s migration from Benin can be traced to the fact that there are many words that are still being used as an integral part of the typical Oguta language. Moreover, there a re certain traditional titles and common names similar in meanings and pronunciation in Benin, Onitsha, Aboh and other Ogbaru towns, for example, Iyasara, Ajie, Ogene, Umudei, Umuoga.