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Message for Oguta Uk Asso.


Dear All,
We the Executives would like to thank each and everyone of  our member in attendance at our last meeting. We are grateful to have your support and your attendance indeed demonstrated to us that you want us all to succeed, to which we are grateful.
It is pertinent we recap the decision at the last meeting for the avoidance of doubt and also in order to advise you of the progress we have made following the last meeting:
1. members were in agreement with us embarking on projects in oguta. One of the main project discussed was provision of chairs and desk for schools both secondary and primary schools. Following that meeting, the executives have receive further suggestions on project.
We must acknowledge that some of our members have sent emails exepressing their wish for us to do renovations of the school floors and replace leaking roofs.
These are all good ideas to which we are greatful for but we will explore this ideas in the future because of time constraint. In order for us to do these type of renovations, we need to have ‘foot on ground’ or give the money to someone who will do there wish and keep the rest of the money for themselves. We do not have that much for now. Please do remember that people like Honourable Irona who resides in Nigeria did not take on the renovations because of logistics, if what we hear are to be believed. We also talked about the flood that happened in Oguta and how we can help but then the issue of logistics came up on how the distribution of any help will get to those that need it. Please do remember that we know how much each chair/desk will cost and the need to get in and out without much logistics.
2, We also discussed about the calendar launch/xmas party. We also talked with some members about the venue of the party. Please those of us who did not want the party at the last place we had the meeting to please get into gear because we are fast running out of time. We will however, go on to keep our options open.
3, We will also use this medium to officially ask every member and all Oguta people to please place their advert in the calendar now because time is running out. Please contact Mr Val Anene and co for this.
4, We will also use this opportunity to beg for volunteer for the calendar launch/xmas party to help in the organisation of the event and for people to pledge support for drinks, foods and cash cotributions please. We need your help and support please.
Please my people, we need your support to achieve all the goals you have set and expect from us. Working together, we can over come our inadquacies.
God bless us all and may God bless Oguta UK Association.
Yours Faithfully
Prince BenChuks Udom
Acting Secertary Oguta UK Assocaition